GlideCycle Allows the Disabled to Bike


There's seems to be no end to the amount of innovation and thoughtful construction that goes into the world of pedal-power. The GlideCycle is one such example, albeit one that eliminates the pedal power in favor of skating power. Hey, if Fred Flintstone could propel his car with just his feet, surely you can handle a bike.


As much an assisted walking and general mobility device as a bicycle, the GlideCycle keeps you suspended in a weightless seat that doesn't have the uncomfortable pressure points of a regular bike seat (read: no more unsightly chafing!). Your legs dangle down from the seat and you are able to move the bike forward by pushing off with your feet or full-out running. Put your feet on the footrest above the front wheel and effortlessly glide down hills.

While this bike looks like fun for the average bicyclist, it offers a particular advantage for injured and disabled riders and is even pitched as a form of physical therapy. The base provides support and stability to those with issues such as amputations, balance problems stemming from neurological impairments, lower limb pain and arthritis, allowing them to stand upright and potentially walk and run around. As the video below demonstrates, a variety of users can get around effectively on a  GlideCycle.

While the GlideCycle might be a bit large and cumbersome for the average bicyclist who's looking to keep it as minimal as possible, the potential for those suffering injuries and disabilities is quite encouraging. Check out GlideCycle's website for more details and ordering info.