GlideTV Navigator Simplifies Internet Content On Your TV

Combining Internet and television has been a hot trend of the past few years, enabling consumers to access Web content on their televisions. While the opportunities for entertainment brought by the Web-enabled TVs and HTPCs are numerous, navigating one is not always a simple task.

Splitting the difference between a TV and computer, your choices are the inflexible, limited control offered by a TV remote and the enhanced control provided by a keyboard and mouse balanced carefully on the couch cushion. The former isn't made for Internet navigation and the latter isn't made for laid back living room use.


GlideTV presents a new option--the Navigator, a palm-sized remote control that essentially combines the function and form of a mouse and TV remote control. Offering the basic remote control buttons and a touchpad to allow for more fluid navigation around Internet content, the GlideTV provides the user with more navigation and less excess. The touchpad includes one thumb scrolling and double click selection to make navigating a cinch. The Windows version is also equipped with an onscreen keyboard and integrated search function that links to Google, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube and others. 

The GlideTV navigator retails for $150--a large sum to drop on a remote, but possibly a small price to pay for a better Internet/TV experience. More information is available on the website.  

Via: Dvice