Globus Scriptorium Work Pod: Perfect For Agoraphobics


Extend your hand out 2.5 feet in front of you and make a 360 degree turn. That's the size of the Globus Scriptorium. Pressed for office space? This could be it. The pod you see takes up the space of a big living room pouffe and it contains a desk and chair. Is there an air vent in there? You might be able to hide in it.

Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley clearly likes the idea of going pod, but claims his inspiration came from 1930's futurists. (It's kind of neat to compare how we are living to how futurists thought we would live!)

The Globus pod is made of two polyurethane hemispheres. Open it from its top handle and what do you find?



A darn comfortable swivel seat, padded and upholstered in leather, that allows you recline while working. (I am so jealous!) As for the desk, if you're not asleep yet, you can securely place your laptop on it or lean heavily on it to hand-write your first novel. The desk can be tucked away inside along with a few of your favorite writing things.

The Globus pod platform is powder-coated aluminum and scoots around on four rubber-treaded double casters. And the two aluminum poles that support the pod can withstand 1,500 pounds!

So, if you are pressed for space, or you fear open spaces, or you want a place to hide... this nifty Globus Scriptorium is the work place for you. It may even have you speaking Latin!

The Globus Scriptorium is available at Hammacher Schlemmer and comes with a lifetime guarantee.