Glorified Bong Cleans Your Car's Air, Won't Get You A Ticket

Seiwa's "watercourse cyclone air cleaner" has four words, a certain item of psychedelic paraphernalia has four letters, yet both work on basically the same principal. Yep, they're bongs - though fortunately (or unfortunately), Seiwa's car air cleaner won't make you look like Homer driving/flying to work as in a certain Simpson's episode. For that, you'll need the old, reliable four-lettered version.

Seriously dude, Seiwa has made what amounts to a bong for your Buick. A hookah for your Honda, as it were. OK, I'll stop, but the model FS13 Airwasher won't, not until the air inside your car is clean or the 120ml of water inside the device has absorbed as much gunk & funk as is hydrologically possible - in which case, dump the sludge and refill from the tap.

The FS13 Airwasher - Seiwa also sells the similar looking FS14 vaporization system humidifier - sits neatly in one of your car's cupholders while drawing power from a (hopefully) nearby DC12V outlet from an included adapter. A blue LED glows softly  so you'll know the power is on; something all bongs should have. Seiwa sells the FS-13 Airwasher for 2,980 yen (around $33) plus shipping. You can reach their international sales hotline by emailing them at Ask for Dave... "Dave's not here!" (via CNN-Go)