Glow In The Dark Electric Bike Features Built-in iPod Dock

Yamaha boasts a long and proud tradition in the motorcycle world, and the company aims to continue setting the pace with models like the glow in the dark, iPod dock equipped EC-02 electric bike.

Yamaha EC-02 - watts up!Yamaha EC-02 - watts up!

The EC-02 sports distinctive styling that evokes retro motorcycle cues. The big round headlight, "banana" seat with room for two and chromed teardrop front & rear turn signal pods indicate its rip-roaring relationship with classic Yamahas of the past. It's the large central "tank" that betrays its modern underpinnings, however.

Looks good, sounds great!Looks good, sounds great!
No gas filler can be found because no gas is needed - the EC-02 is fully electric. That means a rather short range of just 40 miles and a top speed of 18 mph, so eager "Easy Riders" better wake up and smell the ozone. For around town, however, the EC-02 is more than quick enough, not to mention the fact that it can be parked in the smallest spaces. It's also quiet... until you pop in a pair of earbuds and snap your iPod into the tank-top dock. A clear cover provides protection while handlebar controls allow you to keep your eyes on the road ahead. There are also stereo speakers in the faux tank, enabling you to play downloaded motorcycle sounds to complete the fantasy.

Easy Rider LiteEasy Rider Lite
Yamaha's designers have added one more uniquely appealing feature to the EC-02... it glows in the dark! According to a company spokesperson, "The technology enables the exterior to give a more vividly stereoscopic impression of the three-dimensional shape of any surface treated with the film." Umm, yeah... and it looks way cool at night!

 The Yamaha EC-02 with iPod dock costs approximately $2000 and is only available in Japan at the present time. Too bad... it gets more appealing with every new price rise at the gas pumps. (via Metaefficient)

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May 10, 2008
by Anonymous

I was just wondering...

How long does the bike run for? Is it waterproof? And is there faster models that take more electricity???

Sep 3, 2008
by Anonymous

im in miami for a couple of

im in miami for a couple of days.. where I can get a dealer of this in miami