Glow In The Dark Hexbug Nanos Scurry Onto The Toy Scene

From toy oddities retailer Brookstone comes a new line of their popular Hexbug Nanos – and these ones glow in the dark.


Hexbug Nanos found a fervent following after their release and have only recently become available on the purveyor of all things Internet – Amazon. Up to the Christmas season of 2010 the Hexbug was a rare commodity, made more so by the release of a popular new model, one that glowed in the dark.


For those that don’t know yet, a Hexbug Nano is a tiny robot designed to look and act like a real bug. At only 4.5” long and an inch wide, a Nano can easily fit in the palm of your hand and once they are in motion they will change direction if they encounter an obstacle or hear a loud noise.


Nanos are driven forward by six rubber-tipped feet and come with two antennae that let them detect if an obstacle bars their way. Should they run into something or hear a loud noise, they’ll spin and pick a random new direction to move.


The new crop of Hexbug Nanos now feature glow in the dark backing that allows them to waddle around in the dim or absent light and still be seen.


Hexbugs run on one included watch battery and are available for less than $12 on Amazon, but bear in mind this price is only for one Hexbug, not an array of them. Several reviews onsite state that advertising from Brookstone indicated multiple bugs would be shipped with one order, but only one Nano will come for each $12 spent, and it will be of a random color – a user cannot choose.


Still, slick packaging and a great design in combination with the inherent coolness of glow in the dark technology has made the new Hexbug Nano a winner, so snap one up before they scurry out of purchasing reach again.


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