Glow Threads: Interactive, Customizable Blacklight Shirt Is Perfect For Self-Expression

Customizable fashion has always been appealing to those that like to deviate from the norm with their clothing choices. For decades, teenagers have approached fashion customization by cutting their clothing, so there are strategically placed tears that have a grunge fashion appeal. Others have used silk screening for graphics, or even permanent markers so their clothing boasts their favorite quotes. Using these methods to customize t-shirts may be tried and true, but the whole process leaves a greater margin for error, and you know what? Fashion customization should really just be a whole lot more fun than that! This is where Glow Threads comes in, as they offer the customization that most of us know and love, but it's done in a whole new way.

Glow ThreadsGlow Threads

Glow Threads has been called " the world's first interactive glow in the dark t-shirt". If this is appealing to you, then you had better put your artist hat on and get your game face ready for a night of doing the worm on the floor of a rave, as that's the ideal place to be when your clothing glows in the dark.

 Every part of this unique shirt can be drawn on, using two tools; the mini UV light, and a UV laser pointer. Both of these items work effectively on the shirt, but what's particularly awesome is that the  laser pointer can draw on the shirt from up to 30 feet away. On the other hand, the mini UV light excels at creating fine details, and works better up close. You can use these tools to draw or say anything you want.

Now, if you're looking to use this shirt for a little mischief, gift it to a friend with a blacklight design already included. Then from a distance away, use the laser pointer to write something that will garner the attention of other people in the nightclub or pubic place. Then sit back with some popcorn and watch the friend's confused face when people start descending in on him/her. Hey, maybe practical jokes aren't nice - but isn't fashion supposed to be fun?