Glubble Turns Social Networking Into A Family Business

What's a Glubble and why are families queuing up? Glubble turns the Internet from a personal activity into an experience for the entire family. As a new type of social network, Glubble offers an online activity center where families with children under 12 can play, share, discover and learn.

The developers of Glubble promote it as a safe environment for kids to enjoy the Internet while parents pre-approve all the sites their children visit. New sites can be added at any time… so Glubble grows as your children grow.

Young children can access thousands of games, watch cartoons, print coloring pages, download Play Art toys, learn their ABCs, arithmetic and foreign languages and surf web sites that have been pre-approved by their parents.

Glubble wants to make the web a family-friendly place, without stripping out the fun. Similar to other social networking sites, it offers the combined utility of Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. Registrations are easy and should families find themselves in need of unlimited storage, very soon they will be able to purchase a premium membership for $39.95/yr.

On June 25,  Glubble released a new Family Timeline service that offers families a visual way to navigate through family photos, events, and messages according to date. It has also created a new Toolbar interface (a Firefox plug-in) which provides families real-time messaging and event updates from the Family Page.

The company, which has now raised a total of $4 million to date, currently counts 300,000 family pages on its service. The browser passed the 100,000 user mile mark as of June, adding 60,000 users since January 2008

Glubble also can be found on Twitter, and even has its own Facebook Fan group. Overall, Glubble is a great way to get interactive with your kids while keep them safe online. Why the name "Glubble" was chosen is still a mystery? Maybe the G-team should note the derivation of the term on their FAQ page!