Glue Tube Toilet Paper Holder For Sticky Situations

Forget YouTube, check out Glue Tube! We've seen any number of strange and bizarre toilet paper holders in our day but the Glue Tube Toilet Paper Holder tends to stick out.

Maybe it's the unsettling combination of adhesives and excretives the holder embodies. Or memories of American Pie 2, particularly the scene in which Jim mistakes superglue for "personal lubricant". Wax on, wax... not. 

In any case, there's no need to beg somebody to share a square if you come face to face with a Glue Tube Toilet Paper Holder suction-cupped to the bathroom wall.

A simple yank (or two) on the business end of the 12.4" (31cm) long polypropylene tube will have you squared away in no time at all. As for any fears of gumming up the works, so to speak, they're groundless... unless, of course, you happen to be using the facilities at Steve Stifler's house.

You can order the Glue Tube Toilet Paper Holder from Japanese novelty emporium Village Vanguard for just 1,890 yen (about $21.50). Tax is included but YOU provide the toilet paper.