GM China Launches New Buick Envision SUV, Spells “Buick” Wrong

GM's new Buick Envision is supposed to be a mid-size luxury crossover but Shanghai GM evidently didn't get that memo, misspelling the brand name as “Bulck” during this week's Chinese launch event. DOH!  

Shanghai GM is a 50/50 joint venture between General Motors Company and SAIC Motor. Founded on June 12th, 1997, the company manufactures and sells Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet brand vehicles in mainland China.

The venture's first vehicle, the Buick Regal, debuted in Shanghai, China in 1999 and since then Buick has been by far the most successful GM brand in China.

General Motors plans to introduce the Buick Envision into the North American market as well as Europe (under the Opel brand) sometime in 2015 but China gets the honor of hosting the 5-door Envision's sales debut... and they've gone and messed it up, big time.

As photo-documented by the ever-alert auto aficionados at, a host of glossy banners and display graphics announcing the Envision's product launch featured a glaring misspelling: “Bulck” instead of Buick.

The banners were being displayed at a high-end hotel in the seaside city of Dalian that hosted the local press launch. The error wasn't a single typo, unfortunately, as it showed up on various promotional graphics from indoor lobby cards to a huge banner displayed outside the hotel's front entrance backing an actual Envision.

Hmm, maybe someone should inspect the SUV's nameplates to ensure they don't read “Bulck” as well. That would be... awkward.