GM Developing Night Vision Heads-Up-Display...Will Cover Entire Windshield

Using a small piece of real estate on the windshield to project information is nothing new. In fact, is has been around for nearly 20 years. Interestingly enough, as most of our technologies evolve into more compact forms, GM is hoping to supersize their next generation Heads Up Display.

The folks at GM are looking to create what they call an "Enhanced Vision System," which is basically a fancy way of saying "easier to drive under less than favorable conditions." The centerpiece of the project would be a phosphors coated windshield that is, as one would hope, completely transparent under normal conditions. If the weather begins deteriorate and you find yourself in a bank of fog, or any limited visibility situation for that matter, the windshield can pull double duty as a means to keep you between the lines.


By using a low powered laser and an Infrared Camera system, this Enhanced Vision System would be able to "draw" the lines onto your windshield when driving at low to medium speed. This would essentially allow you to see the edge of the road well before you were close enough to cause an accident.

The system could also be used to spot obstructions on or near the road and either provide some kind of warning to the driver, or project an outline of the object onto the windshield. This would also work well during nighttime driving, even when the conditions are well suited for roadway travel.

Another benefit of having the display appear directly in front of the driver and passenger, is the simple fact that this is where we are used to looking for anything potentially dangerous. Similar systems for detecting obstructions and wildlife can be purchased and installed as an aftermarket accessory, but they often require another screen mounted on/in the dash. Using the windshield will allow the driver to keep eyes on the road while being alert for anything that may call for evasive action.

The system is currently being developed and tested in collaboration with several universities and independent firms.

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Mar 26, 2010
by sigex

Light glare

I don't see this working well, also it will need to be working in with the car it's self. This is because it can not project over the screen while driving, thus making it pointless. I'm 80% sure it's illegal to have this obstructing your view when driving. Regardless of them being aids or not.


I had the idea of having the wind screen having a digital TV on it. So that when the car stops applications running will show. For example, weather web cam conferences, time, date, appointments, GPS, internet pages, reminders, digital reading material, and any other application you can think of really that's safe to use. When you stop the car (stop moving) when at the lights the screen will come in to view and you will be able to see the road ahead at the same time. Once the lights change the screen will vanish again until the car is stopped. The screen will not show right away, there will also be no animated windows which would distracted the user.


Feed back, just ruff ideas. 

Mar 26, 2010
by Anonymous

Done on Knight Rider 2008 TV show

Knight Rider 2008 used same style device but had more apps.

Love the idea.

Test this on a new Camaro & Vette models first IE & esp for Rentals.

Love to see for ALL car makes & GM can earn income from lisc fees alone.

How radical.

Id use one.

Apps to add:

GPS 3D Map

Moving Map to show car on map etc.

Phone keypad?

Weather input.

Contact hotels etc enroute of changes IE arrival, dinner etc.

How neat.

All done by Voice or celphone ( with passenger).

Must for Cadillac streach limosuines for rear seat users & for driver.

Problems: daytime glare IF using then.
Fog, or windshield ices up on outside.

Must remedy.

& use in NYC & wash DC taxis.