GM Green-Lights the Cadillac Converj Hybrid

Earlier this year, GM unveiled the electrically powered Cadillac Converj to the world. At the time, it was unclear how long it would take to hit the showroom floors or if it would hit them at all. Now, there are several sources claiming to have confirmation of a production version of the ultra-sleek hybrid luxury car.

The Converj will likely house the same powerplant as the highly anticipated Chevrolet Volt, which is good for 160 horsepower and 275lb/ft of torque. The Converj will also be borrowing the 1.4 liter petroleum engine used for recharging the batteries when you pass the 40 mile limit on battery power. A standard 240v or 120v outlet will also do the trick nicely.

There are also rumors that General Motors is planning on upgrading the drivetrain to offer a sportier feel than can be found on the Volt, although this has yet to be confirmed. Assuming everything goes well with the initial batch of production versions of the Converj, you can expect to see them on the streets within 2 to 3 years.

Detroit News