GM Presents Bare Necessities Concepts……Could Become Part of Future Lineup

Recently, General Motors held a press conference to introduce some of the vehicles thy plan on debuting by the 2012 model year. While there were several all electric vehicles and hybrids throughout the presentation, the upcoming concepts that got the most attention were a pair of vehicles listed as "Bare Necessities."

The high efficiency concepts are, exactly as the name implies, intended to only deliver the absolute minimum to the customer. This is, of course, only in terms of what's included and does not mean the vehicle will not last. Both the car and the truck lack any form of entertainment systems. Instead they have a single USB port that connects to the speakers so the driver can plug in their mobile device.

The truck is designed in the same manner as the Chevy Avalanche, using the rear seats as a means of extending the bed, but is expected to get nearly double the fuel mileage. In fact, the Bare Necessities truck is being worked to achieve upwards to 40 miles per gallon. This will obviously impact the amount you are able to haul, but for some people this will not be a deal breaker.

Love them or hate them, they could be hinting at a future production vehicles in the GM line up.

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