GM Shows off Extended Range Electric Cadillac

GM has been shifting gears over the past few years to help accommodate the increase in demand for cleaner, more efficient forms of transportation. For Cadillac, it began with the Escalade hybrid and extended from there. Last week at the Detroit Auto Show, General Motors unveiled the next step for their luxury brand in Hybrid technology.

The Converj Concept is an extended range electric vehicle (E-REV) that GM hopes to begin producing within a few years. The heart of the Converj is GM's Voltec Propulsion system. A 16-kWh Lithium-Ion battery powers an electric motor that, when under full power, can deliver up to 273lb/ft of torque to the wheels.

On a single charge, the battery pack should be able to run for about 40 miles. However, by using a small, Flexfuel engine-generator, the range can easily be extended to hundreds of miles on a single charge and full tank of fuel. A regenerative braking has also been installed to help keep the new E-REV in full electric mode for as long as possible.

The exterior of the vehicle was designed to keep drag at a minimum while also providing a new styling that is sure to capture the attention of many people. The lines on the body are all long, sweeping arches that accent the roof line. A set of 21 inch wheels up front and 22 inch wheels in the back complete the sporty architecture.

GM has also ensured that the Converj will provide all the luxury and amenities that Cadillac owners have come to expect of the years. It will also feature newer technology, such as using cameras all around the vehicle in place of mirrors and a fully customizable dash cluster.