Is Gmail Smarter Than You?

If you don’t already use Gmail by Google, it is time to ditch your AOL mail, say good-bye to Hotmail and send your Yahoo! Mail packing. Gmail has revamped itself with an all New Look with many great new features.  The new look brings the ability for more customization and a myriad of improvements such as better search filters, automatic adaption to screen size, ability to change the size of your text, new themes, easier to follow conversations, the addition of profile pictures and, one of my favorites, drag and drop attachments.

But while all of these things improve user experience, does it make you any more productive? In fact, it does  We’ve all received a long, important email explaining the attached document rambling on for point after point only to find no attachment.  Inevitability the sender realizes their mistake and sends a follow-up email with nothing in it but an “opps” and the attachment they should have sent the first time.

Gmail Attachment Dialog BoxGmail Attachment Dialog Box

With the new Gmail, if you type “please see the attached” or “I’m attaching a file” or anything about attachments, when you hit send Gmail checks for an attachment. If there’s no attachment Gmail pops up with a dialog box asking if you meant to hit send even though there’s no files attached.


The new Gmail may not be smarter than you but at least it can save you from the embarrassment of an attachment failure secondary to operator error.