Go To Abu Dhabi – Get A Little Younger With Human Regenerator

September 27, 2013 marks the annual World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi this year, and for a city internationally renowned for its miraculous innovations, the show certainly wasn’t a disappointment.

One of the most notable innovations though, may literally turn back time – but only on the outside. German company System4 Technologies GmbH unveiled its new “Human Regenerator,” claimed to be a “quantum-pulse-device that imitates the body’s natural frequencies and generates longitudinal waves.”

Source: FlickrSource: FlickrWhat does this really mean?

Put simply, this device uses a patented technology, which employs deposits of silicon and aluminum, to create anti-aging effects on the human body.

For years now, similar quantum-pulse devices have been used to help the body revert to its natural frequency in an attempt to achieve balance, but this is the first of its kind that suggests it may be able to help the body regenerate.

Of course, those looking to turn the clock back a few years might be frightened off by the price tag – the regular “Human Regenerator” is offered at $557,000, while a diamond encrusted version sells for $9.8 million. Like the MRI machine to the left, the "Human Regenerator" will allow patients to lie down during the procedure.

Fear not, though – like 3D printers in the last decade, these devices are used currently only by scientists and extreme hobbyists; but that’s not to say that in a few years they may be creeping into stores near you.

Source: ArabianBusiness