Go Faster With Glowfaster: A New “Smart Jacket” That Makes You Run Faster

The age of the personal trainer is slowly coming to an end.  With devices like the Gear Fit and other gadgets that track your heart-rate, plan your workouts, and can even map out the perfect jog route, wearable technology is rapidly changing the way we exercise.

The Glowfaster smart jacket is the latest contender in ‘health conscious’ wearable technologies.  This innovative idea utilizes the aforementioned health-tech features and presents them in a new, motivational, way.


How it works

The jacket was crafted strictly with aerobics in mind.  While you are running, the jacket emits sleek led light to illustrate if you are on track during your jog.  To begin, you’ll sync your jacket to its companion app on your smartphone, then, pick a route and go.  The jacket will then proceed to calculate how fast you’re going toward your chosen target and your heart rate – thus illuminating the interchangeable light on your jacket to let you know if you are running at the correct speed.  The brighter your light, the better your pace.

Glowfaster contains several running aids and games to compliment your jog.  The jacket is also waterproof and can sync with your favorite tunes to help keep you motivated.  The lights give the user a tremendous amount of visibility at night, allowing for a safer jog.  Theoretically, the jacket could also be modified to work with cycling.   


Creator and former marine, Simon Weatherall, began his dream of crafting the perfect running jacket 2 years ago. Since then, he’s been featured on TV’s The Dragon’s Den (Known as Shark Tank in the US), and has shown off his jacket alongside iconic tech companies like Google and Intel at an exhibit during the Wearable Technology Expo in London.

Given his military roots as a Royal Marine Commando – serving in dangerous places such as Iraq and Sierra Leone – Weatherall has decided that 10% of all Glowfaster profits will be donated to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.   

The Tech

The Glowfaster is fitted with a BLE mini (Red Bear) that receives your phone’s Bluetooth signal, transmits it to a mini Arduino board, and triggers a transistor allowing a large amount of current to pass through.  The jackets will be made mostly of nylon with soft jersey linings, 6MM round rubber tubing (lights), a battery pocket sleeve, and glow in the dark plastisol print. 
The Glowfaster Companion AppThe Glowfaster Companion App

The companion app will be for both IPhone and Android devices.

Where to buy

Currently, the jackets aren’t available on a consumer level.  However, on the jacket’s Kickstarter page, you can easily secure yourself one with a donation.  Glowfaster is currently on display at several tech conventions and plans to release with a retail price of £99, or about $163 USD.  To find out more about Glowfaster, and to sign up for their mailing list to the latest in updates, visit their homepage here.

What do you think of this new “smart jacket?”  Let me know below in the comments section.