Go Fourth & Multiply: A Further 10 Cars Of The People Of Walmart

Our fourth installment of the Cars Of The People Of Walmart reinforces the perception that the character of what's driven accurately reflects the character of the driver. If that's the case, these characters have much in common with the ones in Looney Toons.         

Roll Back Before Parking

Would you buy this used minivan for 6.17? We're not sure if the seller wants dollars or donuts but at least they've picked the right venue for the sale. As a buyer's bonus, this 90s-green Windstar appears to include cigars and offers flow-through ventilation once the sign is removed.

Cheetah Grrl

Well, we now know where the neighborhood cougar shops. At least she drives a Prius, indicating concern for the environment. No concern for the rest of the world's sense of taste, though, and something tells us this particular parked leopard is in no hurry to change their spot. 

Loud & Proud

Even without a set of Truck Nutz it's easy enough to tell the gender of this truck's driver... must be the bowties. What are the chances this driver (a) has a girlfriend/wife/S.O. and (b) gets invited to their parents' place for dinner?    

Final Fintasy

Cue the theme from Jaws and don't forget to take your anti-nausea pills, you're gonna need 'em! This most uncivilized Civic risks giving garden-variety land sharks a bad name. As for the “unique” paint job, maybe it's meant to be viewed while wearing 3D glasses. Check that, 4D glasses.

Stripes & Stripes Forever

If this candy-cane cruiser really is “powered by insanity” then somebody, for the sake of all that's holy, STOP THE INSANITY! Note the vehicle is NOT FOR SALE though the posted notice is accompanied by a phone number... right, insanity again. Could this driver merely be expressing their irrepressible patriotism? If so, they've got the stripes but forgot the stars. Stares, on the other hand, are always plentiful.    

Gang Green

We're sure there are uglier cars out there... well, perhaps not. This one looks like Kermit the Frog's burial casket turned inside out, and the enormous rectangular tumor grafted (with rivets, yet) onto the rear hatch doesn't help matters. What the heck is he carrying in there, anyway? Just like Jeepers Creepers, you don't want to get close enough to find out. 

Bless The Beasts & Children

Some folks think those stick figure family decals are kinda cute, others take the concept to a frighteningly bizarre level. How'd you like to be picked up and/or dropped off at school by a parent driving this truck? How much worse would the embarrassment be if you're in high school now and proud papa's still driving the same truck?        

Sofa, So Good

Now this is just horrifying, look at that upholstery, geez! Most folks would think ahead and rent a truck before buying furniture but hey, sometimes a Walmart deal is just too good to ignore. Imagine following this guy on the freeway – tailgaters are the least of the driver's worries. 'Course it could be worse... it could be raining.       

To The Minion-mobile!

We can understand being a fan of a certain film but at what point does wholesome fandom turn into deranged obsession? Well, you're looking at that point. Full props to the driver for installing some stuffed plush minions on the dash, thus totally redeeming himself.  

Ahead By A Neck

Here's a variation of the old “fake passenger cheat” intended to evade tolls in high-occupancy lanes... as practiced by a psychopath. Disturbing question: why are there TWO drinks in the console, hmm?? The mannequin's outstretched arm is also worrisome although one can see it coming in handy (ahem) as a place to hold change for the tollbooth.   

Thanks and a tip of the cap as well to People of Walmart, the hard-working source of these all-too-real images you only WISH were 'shopped!