GO2 Will Harness Power from Passengers Dancing: Redefine Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is a term that has been used quite a bit in the past year or two. The real challenge comes in trying to define exactly what alternative energy really is. Thankfully a new concept boat called the GO2 has given us an interesting and extreme definition for the all too common phrase.

The propulsion system for the GO2 is pair of electrically powered motors that are engineered to maintain a high level of efficiency at a range speeds. What makes the system interesting is how the energy is produced. Instead of using a plug in hybrid system or a small engine to produce electricity, the GO2 uses a piezoelectric dance floor to harness kinetic energy.

The exact details about the operation of the system are unclear, but the most likely setup would require the floor to flex and produce current. The GO2 was also designed to be as Eco-Friendly as possible from the ground up. Recycled materials were used as much as possible, including in most of the interior and much of the hull.

The GO2 is intended for small scale parties along the River Thames, but could be easily adapted for pretty much any kind of off shore entertainment.

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