Go Camping In Your Own VW Camper Van . . . Tent

With summer right around the corner, thoughts start turning toward plans to get out into the world -- to travel, to commune with nature, to leave the working-world behind -- even if it is only as far as the backyard. Now VW Camper Van TentVW Camper Van Tentyou can camp in retro style with this VW Camper Van tent designed to look like the classic vehicle from the 1960s. The real vans are hard to come by these days, so this may be your best bet.

Whoever said that a tent has to be a boring triangle or trapezoid?  The time has come for tents to be the stuff of dreams.

The tent is an exact scale replica of the classic vehicle from 1965. Perfect for the VW enthusiast who longs to own one of the vintage vehicles since the tent is painstakingly accurate in the visual details.

VW Camper Van TentVW Camper Van TentSet up is easy and quick. The tent is waterproof to shelter you from summer storms. It is large enough to sleep four adults comfortably, separated into two rooms with a zippered wall between them.

When the weather is foul, you can gather inside, sing old songs by Peter, Paul, and Mary or the Beatles, and pretend that you are at Woodstock during the Summer of Love. If you are very quiet you might actually see the ghosts of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin hanging about.

You'll be the envy of every campground you inhabit during your own summer of love in your VW Camper Van Tent. Don't forget your love beads and your dashiki shirt!

Available from Firebox and Amazon.

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