Go With The Flo™ A Transgenerational Squat Toilet

No.  You're kidding, right?  You think that boomers are going to squat on a toilet?

The designers of Go With The Flo, from Arizona State University (ASU) Design School, say that their squat toilet is a toilet concept for baby boomers to help them get Yoga exercise.  Not this boomer!

Do you babes from other generations want to squat? (The toilet is described as "transgenerational.")



Yet Yoga was exactly what the (doubtless) Generation Y toilet designers had in mind for us: "Designers maintain that using the Flo™ toilet is akin to yoga – by building and strengthening abdominal and back muscles," reported ASU's College of Design News.

I wonder if the design team ever noticed that toilet seats are made higher, not lower, for aging boomers and seniors, because they can't squat. 

And if we could squat on this "transgenerational toilet," any of us, that is, what happens to the clothing on the lower parts of our bodies while we go to the potty?  Do we have to take them off to do our "stuff?" And what if we don't want to sit so close to our private parts while we do it?

Other than those issues, Go With The Flo has some positive features.  It's novel, as design should be. It's also sustainable, using electromagnetic ball valves to move the water.  And it uses water run-off from hand washing, so it's conservationist.  

The professors and students who created the Go With The Flo toilet were recognized by the Northwest Design Invitational (NDI) this year, receiving NDI's Breaking the Rules Silver Award.   Even though I don't think Go With The Flo will gain the "momentum" hoped for by the team, when its leader said, "We hope our design will alter the toilet archetype by the year 2030,"  I do think it's a clever design and I'm sure they deserved the Breaking the Rules Award.


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