Go Girl: Company Helps Desperate Women Pee Like A Man!

We've seen female urination devices before, that allow women to pee like a man. Well, now there's another new business that offers a similar product, but it's their marketing that really helps them stand apart.

Go GirlGo Girl

The female urination device industry is a bizarre one, but believe it or not, there's a lot of competition out there; clearly, there's plenty of women who are tired of sitting down to pee. And you know what we say about coming out ahead of the competition - find a way to stand out from the crowd! Go Girl manages to be memorable among the masses with their name that is witty without being crude, although you just might think otherwise when looking at their logo. It's nothing graphic, but there's just no doubting what product they're selling. I also can't help but love the feminine packaging and the slogan "don't take life sitting down". Not that I'm in the market, but the Go Girl company is definitely one that will stand out in my mind if ever I'm ready to start peeing like a man. The Go Girl products are all available and you can read all the reviews on their products here on Amazon.

Via: Cool Business Ideas

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