Go Green When You Go... With the Toto Hybrid Toilet

Leave it to Japan, world leaders in toilet technology, to lift the lid on a new, water-saving hybrid toilet: the tankless Neorest AH. Toto's "Hybrid Ecology System and Washlet" draws on both inboard and outside water sources to the tune of 5.5 litres per flush vs 13 wasteful litres for the old style tank-type thrones that have chilled our buns for decades.

"Yeah, uh, thanks honey but I'm in kind of a hurry right now...""Yeah, uh, thanks honey but I'm in kind of a hurry right now..."


This new addition to the popular Neorest line has a few things in common with other Toto toilets, including warm water washers and warm air dryers built into the heated seat.

Sounds like the Toto designers have had a little cold-seat trauma in their past - but at $4000 a poop, er, pop, the Neorest AH type had better be flush with features!


In addition to cleaning your nether regions, the Neorest AH also cleans its own. A specially directed spiral water stream covers those areas even Mr. Tidy Bowl can't reach while using the minimum amount needed to get the job done. Neat... literally!

Toto's Neorest AH type environmentally friendly tankless toilet will be put through its paces at the upcoming Japanese Design 2008 Innovation in Milan, Italy from April 16 through 20. Seating may not be reserved, but at least we know it'll be nice & warm! (via Far East Gizmos)