Go Green With Your Ski Jacket

It’s the time that everyone developing products in this world is looking for new and effective ways to go green. Today I came across a ski jacket that has a built in solar panel for your gadgets.

Solar Panel Ski JacketSolar Panel Ski Jacket


When I snowboard I like to carry with me an iPod. One thing with carrying devices in the cold is that their battery life tends to go very fast. By mid day my iPod battery would be dead. Well, unless I had this ski jacket of course. The solar panel is there to grab energy from the sun and charge anything that you want it to charge. You want to keep your camera always fully charged for pictures? You can do that.

Another great thing about this jacket is that you can take out the solar panel and just use it around your house. You can set it up by the window and charge your cell phone, your iPod, your camera, etc. This allows you to always stay green with your gadgets from the great outdoors to the great indoors.

Now, I know you all want to know what the price is for this desired gadget. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint a lot of you, but the price is a staggering $1,300. Maybe it’s not that steep, but it sure is out of my price range. So, if your not turned off by the price the make is Zegna . Let me know if anyone picks one of these bad boys up.

Here are the details to find out exactly how the Zegna Solar Jacket works.