Go Home Gorgeous: Mobile Spa Service Ready To Pamper Moms As Soon As Baby Pops Out!

Women love services that help them relax, and new mothers like to be pampered after giving birth; to help them feel comfortable in their new bodies and help them adjust to motherhood. Go Home Gorgeous combines both of these aspects, to make new mothers feel beautiful and pampered after having a baby, before they even leave the hospital.

Rachel Swardson Wenham, the entrepreneurial driving force behind Go Home Gorgeous, a mother of 3 became frustrated in her research as a Producer for the PBS show "Health Diary with Siobhan Cleary", finding that while there were plenty of businesses catering towards infant care and pregnancy, few focused on the post partum recovery process. So, in order to give new mothers the recovery services that they require after giving birth, she decided to create Go Home Gorgeous, a mobile spa service that pampers women postpartum while they're still in the hospital.

Go Home Gorgeous Postnatal Body Therapy combines herbs, heat, aromatherapy of massage to bring the spa experience to new mothers in the hospital. The mobile spa services are available on location at Fairview Southdale and Fairview Burnsville hospitals in Minnesota. A la carte spa packages available at the hospitals include the Foot Thanking Treatment ($45), the Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage ($60) and the Traditional Body Massage ($80). A Deluxe Postnatal Body Therapy package is also available for $139, which combines all of the above.

Go Home Gorgeous also offers an at home Bed Rest Support package for expectant mothers in the neighborhood. In order to help expectant mothers alleviate discomfort from being kept on bed rest, they provide massage, remove nail polish, and for an extra fee will do waxing, manicures and "bedicures". Postnatal body therapy is also available for new mothers who have already returned home.

Go Home Gorgeous ensures that new moms feel pampered and beautiful, at a time when it is most required; after hours of strenuous labor. It's anything buy a typical mobile spa service, since it caters to a niche group of clientele. While primarily based in Minnesota today, the business hopes to expand across the US to pamper new mothers everywhere!