Go Jump, Jump, Jumpity Jump In The Doodle Jump iPod Game

Now here's a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that proves to be challenging no matter how long you've had it: Doodle Jump.

The Game

In Doodle Jump, you take on the role of the small green jumper and guide him up platforms to the top. It's a casual game with a lot of spunk. You also don't get a lot of chances with the game: make one misstep and you fall to your death.

Simply tilt your device from left to right to guide him up the platforms to safety. But of course the game doesn't let you win that easily or let you go that slowly, either. Boost your speed and rise to the top quickly by hitting a coil of spring or get a helicopter-cap. Stay out of harm's way by avoiding the breaking platforms and steering clear of the bugs and creepy creatures that are out to get you. Avoid that patch of black hole as well, lest you get sucked into kingdom come and never return.

Instead of just avoiding the bugs out to get you, you can also tap on the screen to shoot them. That's a bit of an added challenge since you have to tilt as you shoot but that's a good way to add a bit more challenge to the game.

The Good

Doodle Jump is extremely addictive and because it gives you a random environment every time you start it up, it doesn't get boring. That also means you can try as hard as you can to master it but still fail if you've got shaky hands and a nervous gaming habit. What I like about the game is that it offers a lot of environments and worlds (eight in all) to mix everything up. These themes include space, jungle, Halloween, soccer, winter, and underwater.

The Bad

Doodle Jump doesn't have many negatives hidden up its sleeve. Probably the only complaint I have about it is the multi-player feature. The only way to do this would be over the internet via Game Center. This is a bit inconvenient, specially if you want to play with your buddy who's right beside you and there's no Wi-Fi available in the area.

The Verdict

You can get Doodle Jump here: iTunes App Store