Lopsided Goatee Got You Down? Get The GoateeSaver™ Template

It slides to the left, it slides to the right, moves up and down, don't smile or frown... you have a GoateeSaver template in your mouth.  It's here to save your identity, so don't screw with it.

Well, the gift "for the man who has everything," and who also desires a perfect goatee, is here, just in time for Father's Day.  And you can get one and a half... no, one for $19.95, and a second for half price, if you purchase the GoateeSaver template from its YouTube infomercial, where you'll see so many men with goatees, that you may decide to shave yours off.

Maybe it's just the timing of the GoateeSaver's debut that puts me off.  I ask 'In these dark times of job losses, savings losses, home losses... are men really concerned about their goatees?'  And is there such a man as one 'who has everything' anymore?

But, of course the young couple that designed the GoateeSaver were as innocent as the rest of us last year when they designed and prototyped their invention and brought it to the Inpex Trade Show. The company's done all the right things, has won design awards, home-based business awards, been interviewed on TV...  Timing is everything though, and I just wonder how timely this infomercial is.  

The Goatee Saver template is now available in stores and on Amazon here.

Let me know what you think!




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