GoBandit Combines GPS And Video In New Camera-Computer

While I'm getting pretty sick and tired of GPS showing up in every piece of sports equipment possible, this one actually makes some sense. When you're out on the trail or slopes, you want to be as nimble as possible, so instead of weighing yourself down with unnecessary (but helpful) devices, get one device that serves several functions.

GoBandit GPSHDGoBandit GPSHD

The GoBandit GPSHD Action Cam is a typical helmet cam capable of shooting up to 720p footage. However, it also includes a GPS antenna and computer to provide you with performance tracking for speed and altitude. By combining the two technologies, the GoBandit merges video and performance data, providing the user with a 3D output of his performance throughout the journey. The included software makes it easy to overlay performance data onto video clips. Now you can ditch that separate GPS computer without losing anything.

While the GoBandit looks a little bulkier than some action cams, it doesn't look overly cumbersome and can be fitted with mounts for helmets, goggles and other common sports equipment. It measures 105 x 62 x 34 mm and weighs145 grams. Other specs include 2 GB of onboard memory, SD card slot for up to 32 gigs and 5-megapixel still pictures.

This one will miss the bulk of the ski season, but will be available just in time for the late-spring melt in May. It will be coming to Europe, the US and Australia. For more information and to get on a mailing list, jump to GoBandit's website.

Via The GearCaster