Lightweight And Ultra-Portable, The GoCrib Simplifies Travelling With Baby


Travelling with babies or toddlers can be a challenge, one that starts even before you leave the house.  There are so many things that you need to bring along and many of them take up a lot of space and are heavy to cart around.  It is especially annoying when you are only going for an overnight stay or a casual camping trip, but the packing is just as complicated as it would be for an extended stay.  One of the most cumbersome of the bulky items is the portable crib/playpen.



Of course baby needs a safe place to sleep, but why do all of the options have to be so awkward?  Well the GoCrib from Guava Family offers a far more portable choice.  The crib is supported by inflatable sides and has a lightweight, mesh sleeping/play area.  Unlike other transportable cribs, the GoCrib does not have heavy parts and can be set up in less than a minute with the included pump.  It is said to pack away easily in its backpack, requiring no special folding.



Parents can also take comfort in the fact that the GoCrib is soft and rounded with no hinges or sharp corners.  It would be great to keep in the trunk of your car so that it is available for all outings, long and short.  You could even bring it along for a day at the park or a quick visit to a friend’s house.  In addition, there is a flap on one side that can be unzipped so that older babies and toddlers can use it as a play area.      

Source: GuavaFamily

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