GoGood Exhaust Deodorizer Freshens Up Your Fuel's Foul Fumes

GoGood Exhaust Deodorizer is the answer to a problem we never knew we had... well, maybe those caught behind a bus in traffic knew. Anyway, why suffer from the heartbreak of foul-smelling auto exhaust when your vehicle can spew the cloying aroma of, say, Pumpkin Spice down the street instead?

Seriously folks, this is NOT an April Fool prank, GoGood Exhaust Deodorizer is the real deal – you can find it for sale at Amazon (among other retail venues) so it must be legit.

The GoGood website offers an odoriferous cornucopia of scents tailored to the category of vehicle you drive: 8 scents each for Automotive, Racer, Truck and Motorcycle; 4 scents each for Recreational, Snowmobile, Water Vehicle and Equipment.

Some of the scent/vehicle matches are curious to say the least. For instance, do car and motorcycle drivers really want their rides to exude the heady aroma of “Cruis'n Cannabis” and “Easy Rider”? We suggest those who do save the empty GoGood bottle and show it to the Men In Blue when they're pulled over, and pulled over some more.

Then there's “Pine Forest”, one of the four snowmobile deodorizer scents. Let's say you're snowmobiling through a pine forest after having treated your skidoo to a bottle of GoGood Pine Forest scent. If a pine-forest-smelling snowmobile snowmobiles through a pine forest, does anyone smell it?

Those of you whose heads haven't exploded might want to consider GoGood's official Product Warning: All exhaust is harmful if inhaled directly. GoGood™ products are NOT intended to be breathed directly from exhaust emissions. Got it? Good... er, GoGood.