Going Global: One Chinese Person Wanted For A Reality TV Show – In A Museum

A unique museum exhibit is being developed in San Francisco, California, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and around the world. Called the Global Lives Project, filmmakers are capturing 24 hours in the life of one person in different countries around the world, including China.

Seeing what's on camera can be just plain fun...Seeing what's on camera can be just plain fun...


A crew is set to take to the streets of an unnamed rural area of China in mid-September 2008. The shoot takes about a week, including preparation time. The actual shoot, of course, captures 24 hours, a day in the life. The Chinese participant will join people from the U.S., Brazil, Malawi and Japan who have already been caught on camera. Someone in three other nations will be filmed later.

The ultimate goal of the Global Lives Project is to create a traveling museum exhibit. It features an “in-the-round” design, so you’ll see the video of one of the participants, no matter where you look. The audio is set to seamlessly switch over to whichever person’s life you’re peeking into.

...or a real adventure!...or a real adventure!


Since it’s still being shot, the exhibit is some time away from going on display, and in fact its creators are looking for museums, art galleries, or other urban destinations to show the Global Lives Project.

A man or woman willing to be filmed for 24 hours isn’t the only person the project needs in China. It’s also seeking a co-director and producer, camera operator, production assistant and translator. Here’s the catch: it’s all volunteer. They don’t pay, but it is something you won’t see on too many other resumes!