Going Green: Bamboo Calculator

Electronics, like calculators, are environmentally unfriendly. They usually are made up of non-renewable resources that will take thousands of years to degrade. There is one small way that you can take a step toward sustainability -- go bamboo. One of the latest twists is that outer components made of plastic and metal are now being crafted out of bamboo.

 Bamboo Solar CalculatorBamboo Solar Calculator

Bamboo is sustainable due to its ability to grow quickly. Parts made out of bamboo are also biodegradable. In addition this bamboo calculator uses solar power so you aren't dumping batteries into a landfill or stuck trying to find someplace to dispose of hazardous waste. 

Bamboo Solar CalculatorBamboo Solar Calculator

These calculators are not designed for advanced mathematical function, but they will help you take care of your day-to-day budgeting and bills. The display holds up to 12 digits and the calculator shuts itself off after 12 minutes without use.

Bamboo Mouse and KeyboardBamboo Mouse and Keyboard

Making the choice to go with bamboo items can really help you to begin to reduce your carbon footprint. Many products are becoming available in bamboo now -- including keyboards, mouses, covers for cell phones, laptop stands, flash drives, speakers, and so on. The natural, organic appearance of these items is unique and stylish, so you definitely won't be taking a step back in terms of design.

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