Going Somewhere? Have A Seat

Planning a trip this summer or later this year during the holidays?  Well, if you're going by plane, be prepared to wait on long lines, as 'anything but' is definitely the exception these days.  But whether you are waiting on the ticket line, the baggage check line, or the boarding line, there are suitcases made just for you... they can be transformed into chairs!

Somebody figured out not to bother making large luggage with seating, as it will have to be stored anyway, so you want to look for carry-on luggage with seating.  I've got two unique designs to show you....


Walkin'Bag® Lean On Me

The Swany Walkin'Bag was invented by Etsuo Miyoshi, a polio survivor and business man who traveled a lot.  The walking and waiting at airports left him tired with sore legs and an aching back.  The larger Walkin'Bags not only have patented curved handles that will support 250 pounds and swivel glide four-wheet technology, but the lightweight bags also have foldout seats. The seat is a part of the bag's steel frame, and the frame can be detached from the bags.


 Ballistic Jetcart luggage with foldable seat chair: ©walkingbag.comBallistic Jetcart luggage with foldable seat chair: ©walkingbag.com


 Jetcart With Seat to bring your computer on board: ©walkingbag.comJetcart With Seat to bring your computer on board: ©walkingbag.com


Jetcart With Seat to bring your computer on board: ©walkingbag.comJetcart With Seat to bring your computer on board: ©walkingbag.com


The Walkin'Bag will be a wonderful convenience for anyone traveling, but especially for people with physical disabilities, leg fatigue, or balance difficulties.

There are several other models of the Walkin'Bag that you can find on the company's website or at Amazon.com.


ZÜCA Luggage

The inspiration for ZÜCA was also a family member's physical disability.  ZÜCA has two styles of suitcases with seats; the ZÜCA Sport and the ZÜCA Pro.   Both styles can be purchased without the frame, but the frame has the telescoping handle, the wheels, and the seat!  The ZÜCA frame makes it practical to sit on your suitcase without crushing everything inside.

ZÜCA Sport is very cool and compact with lots of compartments inside, perfect for an overnight stay. You can choose the color of your bag and frame independently and the colors are wild. 


ZÜCA Sport With Seating: ©ZÜCAZÜCA Sport With Seating: ©ZÜCA




The  Pro has about 10 more inches in it, but still meets carry-on specifications.  The Pro comes with six zippered compartments for clothing, toiletry, and whatever else you're carrying with you.  They're color-coded for your convenience.


ZÜCA Pro with seat: ©ZÜCAZÜCA Pro with seat: ©ZÜCA


ZÜCA is available in several colors and patterns from ZÜCA and from Amazon.com.  


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