Goji Play Turns Your Workout Into A Game

Goji Play GamesGoji Play Games

I have never been a fan of cardio equipment. However, with my training routine, sometimes I have to suck it up and use the bike or treadmill. For those, like me, with cardio-equipment-ADD or those who just can't get motivated to workout, the Goji Play is a dream come true.

Goji PlayGoji Play

The Goji Play turns your exercise equipment into a video game and your workout into a quest to avoid virtual obstacles and score points. For me, boredom is the thing I dread about cardio equipment. Throwing some fun into a workout only enhances the workout and keeps people's attention. Check out the Goji Play in action in the video below. 

All you need is a mobile device and exercise equipment to use Goji Play. Goji consists of two wireless controllers and a sensor. The wireless controllers let you control the game, while the sensor tracks and incorporates your movements into the game. 

Goji Play now has more than 25 games and apps that you can download and play while exercising, and Goji is constantly introducing new games to keep your workout fresh and exciting. You can also see your fitness metrics in real time while you're playing games. 

Exercising At Home With Goji PlayExercising At Home With Goji Play

Goji Play is an excellent buy for the entire family. Get the kids active by incorporating a video game into a fitness routine. Goji Play allows you to personalize the programs for each family member. With multiple accounts, each family member can play their own games and set their own goals.

This little gizmo is a great way to keep your workouts exciting and you engaged, and at around $100 it's a great value, especially if you're getting it for the family. You can order your own on Amazon, and then go to the Goji Play website to download apps and games. 

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