Gold Bugs Go Wild Over Golden Coin Covered Beetle

A VW New Beetle covered with over 10,000 gold-toned coins perfectly expresses the old maxim “when you've got it, flaunt it.” It also comes in handy when you hit a toll booth and find yourself short of small change.

Photographically documented by the cool dudes at, the car was discovered in the Fujian Province city of Fuzhou. The bling-blistered Beetle really stood out from the crowd though the fact it was a sunny day might have helped.

All ten thousand (give or take a few) coins are of the five-mao denomination equivalent to about 8 American cents each. Some quick & easy calculations result in a total value of $800, not too bad when one considers the cost of custom paint jobs these days.

According to, the car's owner is a middle-aged woman who diligently saved the coins for five years. It isn't stated she saved the coins with the express purpose of plastering her car with them but really, what else is one to do with 10,000 coins besides paying off a particularly despised creditor?

Though her accumulative coin-fu is admirable to say the least, the VW's owner sought outside expertise when it came to affixing them on the vehicle. The “two dedicated coin-gluing wrappers” she hired ended up gluing the coins one-by-one to a transparent vinyl skin that was then wrapped over the car's sheet metal, mirrors, doorhandles, and bumpers. The job took about forty hours of intensive labor... and hopefully she didn't pay them in extra five-mao coins after they finished.