Gold Plated Toilet is a Throne with the Midas Touch


This "pot of gold" from Japan needs no rainbow but it does require a whole lotta green - and pretenders to the one-of-a-kind throne need not apply.

Visitors to the Japan Industry Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai had best not consider taking any bathroom breaks, no matter that a blinged-up toilet is the prime attraction. No sir (or ma'am), the gold-plated Regio Toilet from Japan's Inax Corp. may flush automatically but it won't perform for the likes of you.

The Regio is most definitely a throne fit for royalty and its golden exterior is just the starting point. This is, at heart, a Japanese toilet and as such it abounds with special pampering features most regular folks can only dream about.

We mentioned the auto-flush feature; it also cleans itself while wiping (sorry) out all bacteria. Last but not least, a built-in digital sound system serenades the user with soothing tunes like the First Movement of Beethoven's Fifth... appropriate regardless if your movement of the moment is your first or fifth.


Inax is pricing the 24-carat commode somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000 though as it's the only one of its kind, there's no retail sticker price. Lowly peons like us will have to make do with our current American Standard potties and, perhaps, a roll of aluminum foil. (via Punjaprit, Luxury Launches and Bornrich, rainbow image c/o Burbia)