Show Some Love on Father's Day With Golf Ball Art

Stumped as to what you should get your Dad for Father's Day? Try some golf ball art! Even if Dad isn't a golfer, get one anyway just because you can't find anything else to give.

Steve Ellis (aka "Ske") is an artist that paints portraits on golf balls. Prices for these can range anywhere from $29.95 to $49.95 for a customized portrait.

Take your Dad to the ballgame and surprise him with one of these. Even better if you can get it autographed!


You can even get a portrait of yourself on a golf ball for dear old Dad....


Here's my self portrait....


Have a picture of your pet painted on a golf ball to forever cherish their memory.


I bet Tiger Woods would be so excited to get one of these for Father's Day. If he even has any children. But still, he'd totally love one of these.

Wait, I just thought of something else you could do with these. This could actually be a scary prank to do on someone. Let's say you and your neighbor don't quite get could get about 20 of these customized with your neighbor's picture on it. Then you could go to their house and set them all on their front step so that when they pick up their paper in the morning, they see a bunch of golf balls with their picture on them.

Hmm...I'm gonna try this one out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Happy Father's Day! 


Source: ske-art


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