Gof Invention Show Premieres Tonight (July 10) on Golf Channel

Just when you were ready to hang it up on invention shows, the Golf Channel is airing a new program tonight. Fore Inventors Only begins its series with inventions sure to spice up a round of golf!

Scheduled for 10:00 P.M. EST, July 10, Fore Inventors Only looks like a MUST! for golfers. Even golf dropouts like me might be inspired to play again if some of the inventions I previewed were introduced on the course. The "Wonder Vest" to help align your body before you shoot, the "Twi-Lite Nite System," and the "JO1 Upside Down Driver" are my serious faves. And then there are fun stuff too, like the "Glove Caddy" and the "Topin' Hat," a golf hat with large hole on top for the application of sunscreen (You have to see it.)

I'd say the previews indicate this show will be fun for all! Judges are golf personages, Bill Harmon (Golf Digest ), Stina Sternberg (Golf For Women Magazine ), and Fulton Allem (Golf Pro). The show is hosted by Vince Cellini.

Many thanks to Jan Cox of Costa Mesa, CA for making sure we didn't pass this show by!

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