GoneForGreen's Solar Backpacks Generate Energy On The Go

These new backpacks from GoneForGreen.com feature an oversized solar panel on the back that can charge a lithium ion battery and give output energy via USB ports.  In a day and age where energy-consuming smart phones have become the norm, an invention like this could keep us all charged up for a bit longer each day.

In fact, you could generate enough power to use a whole slew of USB-powered devices, since the back packs can give out 5.6V of electricity.  If the energy is taken right from the solar panel, you can get up to 11V, and the rechargeable battery outputs at 3.7V.  While the iPhone may require a bit more juice, any standard device that runs off of the 5V provided by USB should be fine.

You'll get to look like a real astronaut too.  Or maybe a turtle.  The striking style of these backpacks is certainly futuristic enough to turn heads, and their practical nature makes them an easy topic to talk about and make yourself look really eco-concious (or gadget smart, or whatever you're trying to be).  If I had one today, I'd head right to campus to show all the girls what the hippy of tomorrow has on his back.

Pricing and availability are still a mystery with these models, but you can check out GoneForGreen's great looking cateloge for them here.  Otherwise, just hang tight until they become available on .  

Do solar panels have a place in style?  Are these backpacks creating enough electricity to really be that useful?  Let us know your thoughts on these unique designs in the comments.

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