Gong! Alarm Clock Wakes You With A Boxing Ring

"Let's get ready tooooooo... WAKE UP!" While Michael Buffer's distinctive voice may not be the first thing you hear in the morning, the Gong! Alarm Clock from Banpresto will have the same effect: snapping you awake in a millisecond so you're ready to take on that world, rumble or not.

Here's a short video of the Gong! Alarm Clock being demonstrated on a Japanese TV show - thanks to Japan Probe for posting the video at their site:



The Gong! Alarm Clock comes in Boxing (with blue trim) and Pro Wrestling (with red trim) versions. Both work by playing a recording of a ring announcer's voice. Unless you hit the clock - and you know you'll want to - before 3 counts (pro wrestling version) or 10 counts (boxing version), the gong will blare into your ear, ruining your day and most likely, your life.

You don't want that to happen, do you? And no, there are no virtual Ring Girls included to ease the pain so on that count at least you can keep dreaming.

After a few mornings with the Gong! Alarm Clock, your reflexes will be honed to a knife edge... which is something else you may be seeing, courtesy of your driven-to-desperation Significant Other. 

Into waking suddenly and living dangerously? Then visit Rakuten, choose your poison, er, version, and fork over 2,182 yen (about $24.50) plus shipping. Wrestling or boxing, the Gong! Alarm Clock will have you up out of bed before you're down on the count. (via Japan Today and Technabob)

A great collection of other alarms sure to waken you up are at ThinkGeek.

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