Good Combination : Rearview Mirror and Navigation Screen?

Bigger isn't always better, which is why as the rest of the world is fighting over who has the largest in dash LCD screen, a trio of companies decided to go smaller. Magna has teamed up with a Swiss firm called U-Blox and Paragon out of Germany to make one of (if not the) the smallest GPS system available.

The system in called MirrorPilot and although it seems like a great way to reduce some wiring and a suction cup on your windshield, it does have some drawbacks. The system is a one piece unit comprised of a GPS receiver, antenna, 2.2 inch LCD screen and a speaker all into a self dimming mirror.

As you might have noticed, there is a lack of buttons on the mirror. The GPS system is completely reliant on a small remote control for inputting information. Destinations and points of interest are all fed into the system through the remote and then the voice guidance takes over. They screen will automatically zoom at intersections and when on the highway.

Even though the package is small, the price is still hefty. The entire unit will cost over $1,000 when it first goes on sale in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I couldn't justify that kind of money for so small a screen. Who knows, maybe it will increase the number of people who actually check their mirrors plus give directions.

From : Insideline