Good Lighting Is Key To Staying Active In Your Hobbies

Many persons give up their hobbies or even aspects of their work or chores as they age.  While arthritis in their fingers and hands may be one reason they don't build model cars or quilt any more, for most boomers and seniors, it's because of vision changes.  As we age, we tend to need more light and more magnification to see clearly and sometimes even our prescription lenses don't quite measure up to what we need for hobby work. 

Well, I've found the greatest combination of non-glare light and magnification in one device, and you get both hands-free.  It's the OttLite Easy View Craft Floor Lamp that combines natural true-color lighting and the size enhancement you need to make sure that every part of your project comes out perfectly.


OttLite Easy View Craft Floor LampOttLite Easy View Craft Floor Lamp


OttLite Easy View Craft Floor LampOttLite Easy View Craft Floor Lamp


I didn't come by this lamp accidentally.  I had already been using OttLite's Task Lamp With Flip-Down Magnification to provide natural light for still photography of small items.  This too provides excellent light for things you might do at your desk.

But the flexible gooseneck lamp and 3x optical grade gooseneck magnifier are as easy to work with at a desk as in an easy chair or high table.  I lug the 10-pound lamp wherever I need to do precise work, even to the kitchen cutting board.  And did I mention it's a great reading lamp?

There are several models of OttLites out now, so if the Craft Lamp doesn't meet your needs, perhaps another one will.  The natural light of an OttLite can't be beat... and it's ecologically designed to last for up to 10,000 hours!

Now I'll move my OttLite over to the piano so I can practice my scales (to prevent arthritis).

Keeping you posted...


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Mar 19, 2012
by Anonymous

Good lighting is very

Good lighting is very essential when you are working. I am more productive and more inspired to work under good lighting.