Goodyear FuelMax Tires To Provide Better Fuel Mileage Without the Noise

Even though the price of fuel has been relatively low over the past few months, many people are still looking for ways to improve their fuel mileage. One of the most common ways has been with the use of low rolling resistance tires. However, these come at the cost of performance and road noise, the latter being the more troublesome. Recently, Goodyear has released a newly designed low rolling resistance tire that promises the same increase in fuel economy, without the normal drawbacks.

The problem with the traditional low rolling resistance tire comes from the additional silica that is used during the casting. The extra silica reduces the amount of friction between the tread and the surface of the road, allowing them to move more freely thus using less power. The different compound also makes them much noisier and reduces the overall strength of the tire dramatically.

The new Goodyear Assurance FuelMax tires will offer the same reduction in rolling resistance as the competition, about 27%, without creating a less comfortable ride for the passengers. According to Goodyear, the tires can return up to a 4% increase in fuel mileage, which equates to thousands of miles over the lifetime of the average tire. The bottom line is more money in your wallet without a compromise in comfort or quality.

MSRP for the new FuelMax tires will be in the $110 range, which is average for a decent tire. They will carry the normal 65,000 mile warranty that comes with most of the Assurance line and are expected to perform about the same.

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