Goofy Bands: Funky Shaped Bracelets Are The Latest Kids Trend

Some of the latest children's fashion trends are frightening to say the least. Little girls are dressed inappropriate like women 20 years their age and little boys...well, okay, maybe they for the most part remain little boys. There's a new fashion trend with the under 8 crowd that's getting a lot of attention, and it's one that parents can get on board with!

Goofy BandsGoofy Bands

Goofy Bands are popping up out of the woodwork from all sorts of manufacturers. The concept is simple; they are rubber bands formed into shapes and designed to be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. Children have been rocking these as the latest fashion craze, and for once it is a trend that is age appropriate AND affordable. Parents, consider yourself lucky that your little girl is asking for medical, military or construction shaped Goofy Bracelets rather than short-shorts, or boys requesting pricey video games.

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Jun 1, 2010
by Anonymous

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Jul 27, 2010
by Anonymous