Google Has Finally Added Video Games To Its Knowledge Graph

Searching for video games on Google just  got a whole lot easier.

Late last week, the search giant announced that it has added video games to its "Knowledge Graph." Launched back in 2012, the Knowledge Graph is a database which enhances a user's search results with information drawn from a wide array of different sources, such as Wikipedia, Metacritic, imdb, or Rotten Tomatoes. It's already added films and books to the Graph, and now it's added a massive selection of games.

So what exactly does this mean for the end user? 

Basically this: from here on out, you can simply search for a game by name, and Google will provide all the relevant information in the graph. You'll also be able to search for games through voice search on Android devices. Regardless of how you search - or where - the engine will recognize the game you're looking for, and pull it up.

The Knowledge Graph for a game will feature information such as the developer, release date, series, supported platform, publisher, designer, review scores, and related searches. It works for games on pretty much every console though it's worth mentioning that not every title is included on the knowledge graph at this point - there are still quite a few indie games, for instance, that simply aren't in the database (though certain better known titles most certainly are). 

Those can easily be added in the future, though. 

Google's update to its Knowledge Graph is just one more sign of how far gaming's come from its relatively humble roots. It isn't just something enjoyed by a niche audience anymore. Inventors and developers alike should be aware- video games are big business, and even Google's noticed.