Google 2010 Calendar Hangs On Your Wall, Not On Your Screen


A 2010 paper version of the Google Calendar available in Japan displays retro cool, with each month fronted by a unique Japanese version of those commemorative Google logos.

Google Calendar is a popular time-management virtual application that only exited beta this past summer, though it was first introduced way back in April of 2006. It's a useful application that is fully web-based, meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere using any computer. Too high tech for ya? No problemo... Google Japan has an old style paper version available for all you "get off my lawn!" types. 

According to Gigazine, the Real Google Calendar measures 30cm (12 inches) wide by 21cm (8.5 inches) tall.

The front features a standard Google logo, a Google Calendar icon and the legend "2010". When opened, the calendar begins by displaying December 2009 and continues monthly to December 2010 inclusive.

Each upper portion of the opened calendar features a unique customized Google logo   inspired by a significant event occurring in the month.

As the calendar was created by Google Japan, many of the themes relate to important national holidays: January features a Year Of The Tiger logo, May shows the traditional koi kites of Children's Day and September alludes to Respect For The Aged Day.

It may seem somewhat jarring to spy a Google calendar hanging on the wall and not displayed on a computer screen, but that just might suit lots of folks who appreciate the extraordinary.