Google Could Become Obama's Next Secretary Of Energy

When you can't get things done the way you'd like them done - Diversify, Diversify, Diversify! Google staying true to itself...that is, doing whatever it bloody well likes - has applied for approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to be allowed to buy and sell power much like utilities do.

According to a NY Times report, "Google said that it did not have specific plans to become an energy trader and that its primary goal was to gain flexibility for buying more renewable energy for its power-hungry data centers." (Google, proving once again how much power it can wield when it sets its sights on something).

Plug-in HybridsPlug-in HybridsGoogle is an old hand at dealing with energy issues. Over the years, it has invested in renewable energy projects through its philanthropic and venture capital units. It has also embarked on a number of engineering projects and partnerships that include advance plug-in hybrids and offering tools to measure home electricity usage.

In an attempt to become "carbon neutral" and to save a few million along the way, Google may just beBill WeihlBill Weihl the energy stimulus this country needs to secure alternate fuels. After all, their brain trust probably has more big thinkers working for them then our own American government. Why for God's sake - they even have their own Green Energy Czar. Bill Weihl sports that title plus the following accomplishment and goal:
  • Since 2007, Google invested more than $45 million toward making renewal energy that is cheaper than coal
  • Weihl's team is also looking at concentrated solar thermal, enhanced geothermal and high-altitude wind.
On the self-interest side of things, in this YouTube vid, Weihl tells you how much energy "search" actually requires. Amazing insight when you think that the speed of search requires a lot of fuel...

Weihl also believe that the problems the US is facing are solvable, but they need Google's assistance and "solving them is either going to require spending a lot more money on energy than we’re spending today, which I think is probably a non-starter, or it’s going to require major technological innovation. That’s where I think Google can help."

Who supports Google as Obama's next Secretary of Energy? Move over Steven Chu, I think you may Secretary of Energy Steven ChuSecretary of Energy Steven Chuhave had your seat replaced.