Google Earth Gets A Little More Sport-Friendly

Google recently released an update for its Earth software that provides some new tools for users. Google Earth already allows the likes of runners, hikers and skiers to develop 3D maps of their journeys by plugging in their GPS units, and Google Earth 5.2 has enabled graphing capabilities for stats like elevation and heart rate.

The new graph feature breaks down your journey and shows the elevation that you gained and lost throughout your trip as well as your speed. These tools will help you to analyze your routine and make improvements in the future.

Accessing the new feature is as simple as plotting your trip and hitting "View Elevation Profile." GPS devices that include additional functions like heart rate monitors and cadence sensors can be connected to display this additional information. 

I've never plotted my tracks out on Google Earth, but the new features definitely seem useful. You can download the software at

Via Google Blog