Google Gets In On All The Tablet Hype With Chrome Concepts

Not to be outdone by all the hype surrounding the iPad, Google released concept images and video of what a tablet PC running Chrome OS might look like.  The material was actually released two days before the official announcement of the iPad, but in the past couple of days has been unearthed by bloggers and mainstream media, giving it a nice push into the viral buzz scene.

While concept videos and images are never as good as getting to see an actual product about to hit the market, I was fairly impressed by what I saw of Google's mock-ups for the device.  The first thing I noticed is how they describe a Chrome OS actually giving the end user access to the file structure of the device, something unfortunately missing from Apple's upcoming tablet.

Also, if the video is any indicator, this tablet would have a considerably larger screen than the iPad, allowing for easier multitasking.  One thing that disenchanted me about the iPad itself was how limited its usage seemed.  By limiting functionality in a number of ways, it seems like Apple is just trying to make a device that will encourage end users to spend more money on apps, books, and other micro-payment electronic media.  What do I need something like that for?


While the Google-branded version of the iPad is still just an imaginary piece of would-be technology, I'm glad that designers and developers are looking outside of Apple for inspiration.  The copy-cat syndrome induced by the iPhone is kind of annoying when there are so many features that the phone lacks, and watching the same thing go down with any kind of tablet PC trend would be equally, if not more so, frustrating.

Have you seen any tablet devices that trump the iPad?  Link us to them in the comments!

[images and video via Google]

Feb 17, 2010
by devvon

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