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Google introduced Project Glass last year to the amazement of many. It promised to be a revolutionary device that would grant you a new view of the online world, wherever you went. Now today, the company released its web page along with a YouTube video showing what Google Glass is, and what the features are.

From the video we can finally get a glimpse of what the user would see when wearing these glasses. It seems like the web is very thightly integrated into the experience and people will be about to send a series of commands to their intelligent glasses, asking for directions, taking photos, videos, sending messages, receiving notifications, and more. The visual look also seems to have been highly improved since the early prototypes leaked out, and the form factor seems small enough to be usable.

The site also says how you can get a pair, and it involves tweeting a particular hash tag along with reasons why you think you should be among the very first to have access to these glasses. The news has taken the tech world abuzz and is currently trending on Twitter and Google Plus.

Feb 21, 2013
by aonergy

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